• babies

6 weeks - 2 1/2 years

Children up to 2 and ½ years enjoy the security of the Nursery environment with nurturing educators whilst still being provided with stimulating curriculum.


  • toddler

2 - 4 years

Children between 2 and 4 years enjoy the toddler area and enjoy challenging activities to stimulate each child’s developmental needs.

  • kindy

3 - 6 years

Children between 3 - 6 years enjoy the Kindy room.



  • Preschool

Available for all children in the year before full-time school.

Preschool offers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children access from three years of age.

Our Preschool program is offered to children who are enrolled in our childcare centre which is delivered by a University Qualified Teacher.

If your child is turning 4 years of age (or turning 4 before the 1st of May) they are eligible to access our preschool program of  up to 15 hours per week.  

There is no additional charge on top of your childcare fees for preschool.  

We aim to create a friendly and secure place for children where their independence and individuality is valued and nurtured.

We strive to meet the individual needs of each child to enable them to reach their full potential by providing a learning environment which offers a stimulating, child focused program.


Our toddler room is a dynamic, fun filled learning environment which nurtures our children and guides them to develop independence, resilience and self-help skills which promotes lifelong learning and confident children. It is a space where our children learn at their own pace, exploring new challenges.

We are an energetic, creative room allowing for self-discovery and exploratory skills to investigate the world we live in.

As a room we encourage and role model early speech and language skills to help our children develop vital communication skills and social interactions with their peers.

Our team are professional, bubbly and fun loving educators with a passion for early childhood who create a rich, meaningful learning environment scaffolding children’s interests and embracing family input into our curriculum. We also embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture, sustainability and physical activity throughout our program.


Our kindy room. In our room we aspire to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment where our children can learn through play. Educators will support and scaffold the children’s emerging skills in a way which will help children become lifelong learners.

We offer open ended experiences to allow children to explore and investigate, discover cause and effect and develop problem solving skills. We support and guide children in their social and autonomy development, encouraging self-help skills, high self-esteem and assist them to develop a strong sense of wellbeing in readiness for school.

We provide an environment where we can teach children about respecting diversity, understanding sustainability, and caring for our would in which we live in. We recycle, tend to our garden and offer opportunities where children can learn about life cycles.

We believe that children benefit from engaging in early literacy and numeracy learning. We encourage children to be part of our daily group times where we learn our Jolly Phonics, share stories, express ideas, read books and use alphabet and number flash cards.

Above all, the emphasis in our room is for our children to have fun, feel safe and secure and to form strong relationships within the room. This not only rewarding for us as educators but for all our children and families.

In our kindy room you will meet some wonderful, dedicated educators who are passionate about offering your child the best opportunities to grown and learn in a safe and caring environment.